Ashblue Cats -
Selkirk Rex Kitten Nursery 
We have No Selkirk Rex kittens in are Nursery at the moment.

Available: This kitten has not yet found their forever home and is still available.
Under Assessment: We are watching the development of the kitten before deciding what kind of home would be best for it. Enquirers are still welcome 
On Hold:This kitten is on hold awaiting a visit form their potential new owner but may become available at a later date.
Reserved:This kitten has been booked for their forever home and is not available.
  Sold: This kitten has left us and is now settled in its new home.
 Here at Ashblue all are kittens are born and reared in our home as part of our family. Kittens are subjected to everyday household noises, people, dogs and children. We pay alot of attention to the raising of our babies with lots of loves and cuddles so they will fit easily into your home and family. All are Kittens are registered with the GCCF or TICA and will be sold as PETS (non-active register) unless otherwise agreed BEFORE sale. All are kittens will come with full pedigree, 4 weeks Petplan Insurance, full vaccination ,wormed certificate, diet sheet and kitten pack. If you have any questions about owning a kitten, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  
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